Wednesday, April 25, 2007

By Request: alt codes

I recieve a blog request for alt codes. So, here you go...

For those who do not know what alt codes are, they are additional characters or symbols that you can utilize in passwords or keys. They also can be used if you are in an application like Word and need to insert a copyright or restricted symbol or if you need to use British Pounds, instead of Dollars. You use alt codes by holding down the Alt key and typing in a four digit combination. Below are a few that you can try:

Alt-0163 £
Alt-0169 ©
Alt-0165 ¥
Alt-0187 »
For a full list, I found this website that had a good character map.

Happy Alt Coding…

-Thanks for the request


Doc M, phd said...

Thanks for posting!

Geekboy said...

You forgot to add that the numbers have to be typed on the 10 key number pad not on the numbers along the top row.

Very Lost said...

Good point.. I naturally use the 10key, so did not even think about it..