Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Sign of Stupidity.

Okay. So, I am one of those people who finds fault with the stupidity of the general populace. I realize that no one is perfect, including me... But, this one I have to call out for being really STUPID!!! Here the background of the situation.

I was driving to work this morning, not feeling really well. So, I was taking it kind of easy, not rushing, and in the slow lane. Now, on this 4 lane road, it gets really busy, since it is a main artery though Beaverton.. So, there is a lot of cars on this road and I am rather boxed in. I saw that a Fire truck was coming up from behind, lights on and siren blaring. I mean it has to be loud for me to hear it over my stereo. So, I pulled over into the bike line and put on my blinker. Others did the same, making a hole right down the center. But this one Jackass, in a gold Lexus, decided that he was too self important to get out of the way of a 10 ton Fire Truck. He decided to angle his car into both of the lanes, causing the Fire Truck to dodge over into the oncoming traffic lanes. I know it was a long time ago that I had to take the driver’s test, but I thought it was a law that you had to get the way of an emergency vehicle.

If it was me… I would have totaled that little Lexis and then had the police officer give this self-important ass a ticket for not getting out of my way…but, that is just me.

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